Reformer Class

The Pilates Reformer is the most versatile apparatus developed by Joseph Pilates, providing a full range of exercises from beginner to the most advanced.  It consists of a gliding carriage set upon a set of rails, connected to springs, pulleys and straps or ropes. You lie, sit, kneel or stand upon the carriage and use the various elements to work against resistance.

The Reformer offers multiple benefits:

Core Strength

Any Pilates class offers training for the deep muscles of the abdomen, the back, the hips and the legs. The Reformer provides a unique way to add resistance that results in faster, more visible results than mat Pilates classes or other traditional strength training. In a dozen sessions, you will likely see more tone in your abdominals, arms and legs.

Perfect Form

The Reformer helps you achieve proper form to most effectively activate your core and neutralize your pelvis. Proper execution of Pilates exercises requires the ability to visualize and recruit muscles in a very specialized manner.  Exercising on the Reformer emphasizes proper alignment and helps you understand how to center your body and work against gravity to build strength.

Low Impact

The spring-based system of the Reformer allows you to build strength without impact. The strap and pulley system offers light resistance that improves joint mobility without the stress often caused by weights or aerobic movement.


Reformer classes usually have a lower student-to-teacher ratio. The instructor works with just a few students because of the need for specialized attention. This means you get individualized feedback on form and technique, making your workout more effective.

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